Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Beginning

Can hardly believe I am doing this -- blogging that is. My daughter, Aimee is a pro at this and is absolutely great at writing (blogging) about her family. She helped me get this whole thing set up. So, this is my first blog -- a new beginning for me.

Aimee is also into Facebook. Me? I'm into Facebook, too -- well, kind of, sort of? -- I just do not know what to do with all these invitations of being friends so at this point all those emails of invitations are stored in an email folder called "Facebook". I'll get to them eventually. Aimee said she would help me. Like I said she is the pro. As a matter of fact, if you are on this blog reading this -- you know that whole thing to the side of the page -- About Morris Gurr? I lost it. I completely removed it and could not find it. It was no where on my blog page! Thank goodness Aimee was here and could help. Like I said, she is a pro and within less than two minutes of clicking here and clicking there she found it.

Hopefully, I will put out a blog at least once a month. At least that is the plan at this time. So --- here's to happy blogging! Wish me well. It is definitely a new beginning for me. And Aimee, if you are reading this -- I'll try not to lose anything else.


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  2. LOL Dad..I love that you commented on yourself!!! I am looking forward to your monthly updates!!! And yes...Aimee is the one to ask if you have issues....or Mike. Love you and I had so much fun at lunch today with you and mom. :)


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