Monday, August 29, 2016


An Ever-Present Help

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

I could probably just read this and say, "Okay, just meditate on this for the rest of the day."  Such a powerful scripture because all scripture is God-breathed and the Word of God is living and active.

Just think about it -- "our refuge and strength" -- He is our place of comfort, our place of security, our place of provision, our place of healing, our place of redemption, our place of blessing, our place of favor, our place of justice, our place of mercy, our place of peace, our place of forgiveness.

Just think about it -- "an ever-present help" -- Always, always, always! There is never a time when He isn't there. There is never a time when He isn't there to help us when we cry out. There is never a time He isn't there to give the answers we need. There is never a time when He isn't there to give and show us the way out or through our life circumstances and situations. There is never a time when He is not there with us as we persevere in the midst of trouble that comes our way.

Again, what a powerful scripture that should be -- no not should be -- but a powerful scripture that IS living and active in us. Declare it so today with me.

Bottom Line:  May we know God is our refuge and strength and may we know that He is ever-present for us. Amen? Amen! 

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