Monday, October 17, 2016

David's heart before the LORD

Read Psalm 141

David had a very open way of pouring his heart out to the Lord. Look a little more closely at these verses in Psalm 141:

Verse 1: "... come quickly to me. Hear my voice ..."
Don't we all want that?
Verse 3: "Set a guard over my mouth ... keep watch over the door of my lips."
Can we be honest enough with ourselves and with God to ask for this as David did?
Verse 4: "Let not my heart be drawn to what  is evil ..."
We need to know as David did that there is evil in this world trying to pull our hearts away from God.
Verse 5: "Correct me when I have done wrong --- it is a kindness ..."
Wow! How many times have we actually and truly asked for correction and considered it "kindness"?

Verse 8: "But my eyes are fixed on You ..." 
Where are our eyes fixed? May it always be on Him. May we not be distracted away from Him.
Verse 9: "Keep me from the snares of the enemy ..."
Snares are always hidden and disguised so they are not easily recognized. This is a request of God we need to make everyday.

David was very specific in his prayers to the LORD.

Bottom Line: How willing are we to be open and honest in our prayer life with the LORD?  Exposing our shortcomings to Him. Asking Him to correct us, to set a guard over our mouths, to protect our hearts from evil. May we be willing to be as open and honest and true as David was to himself and to the LORD.  Amen? Amen.


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