Monday, June 21, 2010

A Now Word -- A Fresh Wind

A Now Word for CCC
Given June 16, 2009

A Fresh Wind

"A fresh wind is coming to CCC -- for the people of CCC. A fresh wind blowing in new opportunities for work in the natural and the spiritual. You will be praying and the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit will begin revealing new life giving things to you. His Word will take on new meaning in your life as you read and meditate. Your conversations with others in and outside the church will be seasoned with the salt (flavor) of the Lord. People you come in contact with will witness a newness and a freshness about you and wonder, "What is this?" People will seek you out and ask how to get the freshness you have. When they do --- do not be afraid to reveal God to them. The Triune God -- The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit."

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