Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now Words

From time to time as the Lord directs I will post Now Words. This came to me last June during a worship service as I was attending the CFN (Church Foundational Network) Conference in Carrollton, Georgia.

During the Wednesday morning meeting on June 10, 2009 the Lord began to speak to my spirit the following (which I immediately wrote down): Morris it is important that you tune yourself to hear My voice. Listen carefully -- be attentive to My instructions. You will begin to speak into new situations and circumstances as you hear from Me. Listen - listen - listen - listen - listen - listen - listen very carefully. In the midst of storms I will be speaking. In the coolness and calmness of the evening I will be speaking. I will give you a "Now Word" for your family, your city, your nation. I will speak to you as I do to a friend.

The next night (Thursday, June 11, 2009) Apostle L.A. Joiner was giving the evening message. He spoke out of Acts 27 concerning Paul's journey by ship to Rome after he had appealed his case to Caesar (Acts 26:32). As the ship followed the shore line of Crete a hurricane force wind came and the ship was caught in it. L.A. pointed out that in Acts 27:23-26 Paul had a "Now Word" for the men on the ship. L.A. went on to share that as pastors we need "Now Words" today. To hear the truth in the midst of the storms. And that if we are not receiving "Now Words" we are probably not spending enough time with Jesus. Sometimes we have to step out of the comfort of the crowd and lead. And to begin declaring what you hear from God.

I'm sitting there at this Thursday night meeting listening to L.A. and saying to myself, "Wow!" I elbow my wife, Sarah, who is sitting beside me and turn back to what I had written down Wednesday morning. And, I am whispering in her ear, "The Lord told me the same thing yesterday morning. Look at what I wrote down that the Lord gave me."

Since then I have received four "Now Words" for the people I pastor at Christian Covenant Church (CCC). I believe they are indeed words for us as a congregational "family" and for us to claim individually in our lives.

What I would like to do is to begin sharing those "Now Words" with all who would want to hear. So I will begin posting them on my blog page for those who wish to read them and claim them within your own life or the lives of others. The first will be published on Monday, June 21 and will continue weekly on every Monday until all four have been published. From then on as the Lord releases new "Now Words" for us at CCC I will post them shortly there after on my blog page.

The scriptures clearly state that, "For we know in part and we prophesy in part." -- I Corinthians 13:9. I ask you to please keep that in mind as you read and claim or not claim these "Now Words".

What we as a church (the body of Believers at CCC) have seen is that as we claim these words they keep on being fertile "Now Words". That is we continue to see His fruit come forth and great manifestation of His Presence in the life of the church.

God Bless,


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