Friday, October 7, 2011

Be Still

August 2011

“Be still, and know that I am God;” – Psalm 46:10a

About two and a half years ago I composed a monthly Bottom Line on this scripture. I would like to take it from a different perspective this time.

I awoke on Saturday morning May 28 of this year with this scripture in my mind and my heart and I spoke it out loud. I think that is good to do with scripture that comes into our hearts and minds. Speak it out loud. Let it resonate throughout our being as it is spoken.

Sometimes God just wants us to “be still”. To calm down. To become inactive for a period of time. In a sense to just turn everything “off”. Sounds, phones, I-Phones, Blackberrys, computers, TVs, radios, to turn “off” worrying thoughts, to lay schedules aside --- to just sit still for a few moments. Even if it is only five or ten minutes or maybe an hour or longer. I think He deserve that much of our time at some point in our day or week.

And to realize within that moment of time, however long it maybe, that Christ reigns supreme over all and He holds all creation together. It is thorough Christ that God made everything in heaven and earth. Things we see and things we don’t see. Even the kings, and kingdoms, and rulers and authorities are made by Him. And that goes for this present day right here and now this very moment the world over! You do realize that He is still in control of everything? Just take time to read Colossians 1:15-23.

Bottom Line: May we all come to a place in our day or week where we choose to be still. And, may we come to know that “I AM” is God over all things.

Love in Christ


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