Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Welcome You Jesus

September 2011

So he came down at once and welcomed Him gladly. – Luke 19:6

I shared this scripture at the beginning of the church service several weeks ago. They are words describing Zacchaeus, the tax collector after Jesus commanded him to “… come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.”

Two things I want to briefly mention:

First, Zacchaeus obeyed and came down at once and welcomed Jesus into his home. We are not told that there was any hesitation whatsoever. The words “at once” indicate to me that he took Jesus’ “immediately” to mean just that – immediately. Not later, not when he felt like it, not when it was convenient, not when there was less attention on him – but immediately.

Second, is the welcome part. Zacchaeus, a very well known and wealthy tax collector probably got rich by over charging people and/or withholding what was due to the Romans. His fellow Jews considered him a “sinner”. Yet, Jesus chose to go to his house and Zacchaeus welcomed Jesus gladly. That tells me Zacchaeus probably had a sense of happiness about himself, a sense of joy, a sense of excitement.

Questions, (and I am asking these of myself) would you obey immediately if asked by the Lord to do something? And, would you welcome Him gladly into your home knowing the condition of your heart at any given moment?

I believe Jesus knows us from the inside out and at any given moment he definitely knows the condition of our heart, our attitude, our behavior and yet He desires to be with us just as he desired to be with the “sinner” tax collector, Zacchaeus. Yes, He lives within our heart but do we welcome him daily into every aspect of our lives.

Bottom Line: May we be obedient to the Lord when he speaks and may we gladly on a daily basis welcome Him into every part of our life.

Love in Christ,


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