Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Now Word -- Stay the Course

A Now Word for the Church at CCC
July 2011

Stay the Course

Stay the course I have mapped out and planned for you
individually and corporately as a body.

Do not veer to the right or to the left. Do not try to out plan Me. Do not try to shorten the pathway I have for you.

For you are in a season of being patient. A season of trusting in My plans as I reveal them. A season of trusting the place I have put you. Walk through this season with patience and with endurance and in My timing the season will change and you will see that My plans for you do not fail. And, My plans and pathways do not and will not lead you astray.

Do not listen to the spirit of darkness who would try to mislead you and cause you to stumble. Do not listen to the spirit of darkness that would have you pity yourself.

Know that you are a child of the King. A child of the Creator of heaven and earth. Follow My Word of Truth and My Holy Spirit and My plans for you will be fulfilled.
Stay the course.

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